Ebay to Magento Items Import Extension

  • The extension helps you to import all your eBay store products to Magento.
  • It import product as per your requirement.
  • You can import product by seller id or by item id.
Installation / Configuration
  • Install from magentoconnect using key
  • Than Goto System->Configuration->eBay Account Setting from left side you can see two text box first is ‘eBay Site Global Id’ (Enter Your Site Id eg: EBAY-US, EBAY-IE,EBAY-UK) and second is ‘eBay Application Name’ (Enter your eBay app id eg:example-9d17-4093-891a-31b626957 41d) and than save it.
  • User Group Setting
  • Goto eBay->Import items
  • Select the category of product you want to import.
  • There are two ways to import product in magento either by store Seller Id or by eBay Product Id
  • Note : Product import by Seller Id will import all products of the store.
  • Note : Product import by eBay Product Id will import only one product whose id you will input in the textbox.
  • Step 1: Import Product either by Seller Id or by Item Id
  • Step 1: Import Items
  • Step 2:After Successfull Import of Products from step one than Import Product Detais of imported products. This will import product Description, multiples images, quantity.
  • Step 2: Import Details
  • Note : See Product Id from Catalog -> Manage Product and than Id of the imported product from eBay from first Column. It will import details of all products from the mention ID to the end upto which product exists.(e.g. suppose the Id of first product imported from eBay is 51 and last is 60 and if you enter 51 in textbox than it will import detail of product from 51 to 60 and so on).
  • Step 2: Import Details
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