• What services do we provide as a website development company ?

    We offer a range of services including Custom Mobile App Development,Website design, Web development, E-Commerce solutions, Content management systems like Wordpress, and website maintenance and support.

  • How experienced is our team in website development and Mobile app development ?

    Our team boasts years of experience in website development, with a proven track record of delivering high-quality websites for various industries.

  • Can we handle both front-end and back-end development ?

    Yes, our skilled developers are proficient in both front-end (user interface) and back-end (server-side) development.

  • What programming languages and technologies do we use for website development and mobile app development ?

    We work with a variety of languages and technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Laravel, codeigniter, Angular, and more, depending on project requirements.

  • How do our developers ensure responsive design for websites ?

    We implement responsive design techniques, ensuring that websites look and function well on various devices and screen sizes.

  • Can we integrate third-party tools and services into my website ?

    Yes, we can integrate third-party tools like payment gateways, social media plugins, analytics, and more to enhance website functionality

  • Can we develop e-commerce websites with payment gateways ?

    Yes, we specialize in developing e-commerce websites with secure payment gateways, shopping cart functionality, and inventory management.

  • How do we ensure my website's security against cyber threats ?

    We implement security measures such as SSL certificates, regularupdates, and using secure coding practices to protect against vulnerabilities.

  • How long does it take to develop a website from start to finish ?

    The time frame varies based on the complexity of the project. Simple websites might take a few weeks, while more complex projects can take several months

  • Can we help you with website maintenance and updates after launch ?

    Yes, we offer website maintenance to keep your website up-to-date,secure, and functioning smoothly.

  • Do we provide ongoing technical support for websites we develop ?

    Yes, we offer technical support to address any issues that may arise with your website after it's launched.

  • How can you get started with your website development project ?

    Reach out to us through our contact form, and we will schedule a consultation to discuss your project requirements and goals.

  • Can we create a custom design for your website or use templates ?

    We offer both options. We can create a custom design that aligns with your brand or use pre-designed templates, depending on your preferences.

  • How do we ensure your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate ?

    Our design and development process focuses on creating intuitive navigation, clear information architecture, and user-friendly interfaces.

  • Can we optimize your website for fast loading times ?

    Yes, we optimize websites for quick loading times by optimizing images,minifying code, and using caching techniques.

  • Should you be familiar with the technical details to work with us ?

    You don't need to worry about the technical details of software development. That's our task, and we are good at it. We can guide you through the process and explain anything you don't understand. All you need to do is tell us what you want to achieve with the software product. We will help you turn your vision into reality.

  • How do we guarantee the product quality ?

    We use a short iteration mode and test the results regularly, taking into account your feedback and the target audience's reaction. This way, we can deliver high-quality products that meet your deadlines. Quality is our main priority.

  • What is the procedure for hiring dedicated resources from Us ?

    Hiring resources is easy. You just need to share your project requirements and we will send you the profile of a suitable candidate for an interview. Once you select the best-fit resource, they will join your team as an offshore team member.

  • Will you be able to increase the number of people in your team if necessary ?

    We are flexible and responsive to your needs. We can adjust the project work intensity as per your convenience. We can easily add more team members to your project if you need to speed up the process or meet your expectations.

  • Will you sign an NDA ?

    Yes, sure. If you want to sign an NDA, we are always ready to do so.Contact Us today

  • What is our customer geography ?

    We provide our services to customers from all over the world.

  • How long do you have to wait before the work on your project starts ?

    Typically, it takes about two weeks to start on the project. However, it depends on the project features and the number of people involved in it.

  • Which payment model do we practice ?

    We offer customers several pricing models, which allows any company to choose the best option: Fixed Price, Time & Materials, or Dedicated Team Package.

  • Where are your company’s office and employees located ?

    Our office and our employees are located in Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

  • How does the project work process take place ?

    Each project is unique and requires a customized approach, but most of the development stages are relevant to all of them. However, the very process of their implementation may differ somewhat.

  • If you have got an idea, but you want to verify it. What shall you do in this case ?

    It does not always make sense to invest all your time and budget resources for the immediate launch of a large project. The trouble is that the project may fail to meet the actual market needs. Therefore, if you have an idea, but you are not entirely sure of it, we recommend you test the concept with an MVP development.

  • What are the advantages/benefits of outsourcing your project to us?

    • More time to stay focused on the development of your business

      By entrusting us with your projects, you can focus on growing your company while we deliver our services in the best way possible for your business. We will handle the process efficiently and with minimal involvement from you.

    • High Professional Development Team

      Our developers team offers you highly skilled IT professionals for your project. We will select only the engineers who match your project requirements.

    • The product-oriented approach in software development

      Our software development services are tailored to your business goals and how you can achieve them with our digital solutions.

    • Cost Savvy Solution

      When you choose to outsource your project to us, you only pay for the software development services we deliver, without any extra costs for team support.

    • Control Over Your IT Costs

      By outsourcing your IT projects, you can have full control over your IT costs and lower your running expenses. Our service has a fixed price that will help you plan your budget accordingly.

  • Can we provide the summary of the experience and skills of each of your application development resources?

    Yes, we can provide full details of our team and we can able to share these details. A large number of full-time developers are a part of our pool, working on different in-house and client projects. At different times, the available resources are unique. You can be assured that only the best quality, trained and experienced resources will work on your project and meet your requirements. So that we can both achieved win win situation from both end.

  • What if your website or mobile app stops working?

    Many clients are afraid of such a scenario. During the testing stage, custom applications are not flawless. It is caused by the fact these are brand new systems with specific modules and processes that were never used before. Testing helps to eliminate most of the bugs or errors. Further steps should be determined by the agreement made between the software house and the client. At I-Quall Infoweb, our software development teams ensures complete customer satisfaction of your project based on your time. We can fix any potential errors that are detected. That means we will provide immediate support for the project as to ensure your work would be going and not cost more so you can expect our support and quick reaction within after the application has been delivered.

  • What services can our dedicated software development team provide for your business?

    A dedicated development team can provide a wide range of services such as Mobile Application Development, Custom Software development, Web and App Development.We are also a one-stop-shop for Product and Project Management. A dedicated software team can focus on one or any combination of these and other services.

  • What is the difference between a frontend development team and a dedicated back-end development team?

    In the tech world, software engineers are often divided into two distinct categories: frontend and backend engineers. The difference is focus. A team of frontend engineers are responsible for the user interface, interactive features, and anything that an app or website user is going to see and interact with. By contrast, a team of our backend engineers handle the aspects that customers don’t see. They ensure websites,applications, and databases communicate. They deal with servers, functionality, and management that supports the user experience. Frontend and backend dedicated teams work together but from different ends of the spectrum.

  • What is the typical size of a dedicated software development team?

    Dedicated software teams can range in size from 1 to as many as 20 or more. A team of talented tech specialists can vary based on the services needed, project timeframe, and projected IT budget. You can have access to the largest IT talent pool to match your software engineering needs.

  • Who will be your dedicated software developer, and what are their credentials for project completion ?

    We contract only the most professional and qualified candidates. Many have 2+, 3+, 5+,or even 10+, years of experience in IT. We will select team members that fit into your project and corporate culture and can have developed software used by billions worldwide.

  • What industries do our dedicated software developers thrive in, and what sets us developers apart?

    Our engineers have developed software, websites, and apps across several industries.We are especially well versed in projects for the real estate, healthcare, and inance sectors. However, our wide ranging team of ninja developers can tackle any software project. This is what sets us apart. Our dedicated software teams use a holistic approach to draw on the extensive experience of every team member.

  • What is the average cost of our dedicated software development team?

    Software development budgeting can vary tremendously. This is because each client and project requires a different combination of services and team members. After selecting your dedicated software team, a fixed monthly fee will be determined based on team size, services, and project timeline.

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