PhoneGap Development

PhoneGap is an open source development framework that allows the web developers of I-Quall to create cross-platform PhoneGap developer app using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. PhoneGap app development services are bundled with native applications of open standards as well as aren’t truly web-based. PhoneGap mobile app development interrelates with the hardware of mobile devices unlike the normal mobile apps.

Being the leading PhoneGap app development company, I-Quall provides excellence and highest commitment level shown by our professional PhoneGap developers, which results in easy and useful mobile applications.

PhoneGap Characteristics and Advantages:

  • Current web technologies including JavaScript and HTML can be reprocessed to create strong mobile apps using PhoneGap application development.

  • Our PhoneGap developers can use the native device capabilities to run different platforms using one source code.

  • PhoneGap android development supports diverse versions of mobile apps using different mobile platforms.

  • PhoneGap is an open source and free source project underneath MIT license.

  • In PhoneGap mobile application development, quicker and stress-free mobile apps are developed using CSS, JavaScript and HTML without using the Objective-C.

  • PhoneGap mobile development supports vibration, accelerometer, Geo location, contacts, photos, offline storage etc.

  • A PhoneGap development company supports iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows and Blackberry, all the leading mobile platforms.

  • PhoneGap developers develop app using PhoneGap using its rich features as well as allows the websites to maintain versions of the equivalent mobile apps using different mobile platforms.

Why Choose I-Quall?

  • Being the top PhoneGap application development company, we have a team of dynamic and committed PhoneGap developers that can reuse the codes across many mobile systems and utilize best practices of PhoneGap development, which conforms to the W3C technologies.

  • You can hire PhoneGap developer that creates elegant PhoneGap UI design using customized PhoneGap application development.

  • I-Quall professionally does testing & porting of the applications for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows mobile.

  • I-Quall has a brilliant team of professional PhoneGap developers, which is available for different PhoneGap application development projects.

  • At I-Quall, we provide best practices, cutting edge technology and innovations to provide the finest PhoneGap Development Services!

Contact us to get the top PhoneGap Development Services at affordable prices and in a timely manner.

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