Product customization (PDP)

Technology and Platform

Developed In: PHP, Magento(Ver. ) (MVC Framework), MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3

Compatible Browsers: IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge

Layout: Responsive (Compatible with all devices)

Product customization (PDP)

This Site is developed in Magento Store which is an E-commerce store. This store is developed for Selling Products Online with variations. This E-commerce store is developed for Customize Furniture Products.

User can Customize Furniture and then after you can buy the furniture.

This Site is give user best customization option by this user can easily customized the furniture to user choice.

Admin Side
Add User
User Side
User Side
User Features
  • Sign In / Sign Up With Validations.
  • Registered Users have its own "Account" to manage products orders and wishlist.
  • It is just an one product demo of Customization of Furniture using Magento Variations.
  • Variations: “Material”,”Material Type” and ”Color”.
  • My Account: Manage your Account like "Change Password", "Edit My Account" and "Remove My Account" and also "Subscribe for Newsletter".
  • Products: User can “Add New Products” from its account and also can “Manage Jobs” later if they want to update anything.
  • My WatchList: Here you can find your watch list of Products which is added by you to view it later.
  • Orders: Here you can view all the Orders you have got from the customers.
  • Add To Wishlist: User can add products to their wishlist and they can find the wishlist in their account for the future visit of the products.
  • Simple Product Detail Page with product variations, picture gallery, product description, and also have feature to Review & Ratings on a specific product.
  • Newsletter: Subscribe to newsletter for any offer or updates.
Admin Features
  • You can also install extension to add new feature to your store in front end.
  • As you know it is developed in Magento so you have pre-created Magento admin panel to manage.
  • In Magento admin panel you can manage your all the frontend things likemanage CMS pages, manage your Products, manage your Categories, Customization of your frontend side, Manage your orders and many more things.
  • Customers: “Add New Customers”, “Manage Customers” and also search for specific customer from the list.
  • CMS Pages: “Add New Pages”, “Manage Pages” and also search for specific CMS Page from the list.
  • Categories: “Add new category”, “Manage category” and also search for specific category from the list.
  • Orders: “Manage Orders” and also view commission of the customer and also manage order status of the product.
  • Products: “Add new Product”, “Manage Products” and also search for specific News from the list.

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